...Like No-one's Watching

an immersive movement-based audio experience

Developed by:

Nanna Gunnars

Owen Hindley

Ragnar Hrafnkelsson

Brynja Herbertsdottir

An exploration in movement and of the non-visual senses

Audience members are invited into a space and given wireless headphones.

We then turn out the lights, allowing their non-visual senses to become heightened, and their concerns about 'who's watching?' to gently dissapate.

We live in a world in which, although our minds are able to travel virtually great distances daily, our bodies can often fall into a routine of the same movements of waking, dressing, commuting to work, sitting in front of a computer - all day, every day.

This is in parellel with an increase in visual stimulation - brightly coloured billboards, TV, magazines, fashion - whereas our other senses, touch, smell, and most importantly hearing (with the exception of music, which we use to shut out the world), often get left behind.

Our work plays with both of these ideas, creating an environment where the audience is able to relax in their own space, and concentrate on different sensory experiences.

To enjoy freedom of movement both through direct instruction and abstract inspiration.

Like no-one's watching.

With thanks to:

About the creators

Nanna Gunnars

Nanna Gunnars is an Icelandic theatre and film performer, writer and producer, based in London. She graduated with a BA Hons in European Theatre Arts in 2012 from Rose Bruford College.

Nanna predominantly takes part in site-responsive, interactive theatre and events as a performer, such as the multi-award winning 'You Once Said Yes' by Look Left, Look Right in Edinburgh.

In 2012 she devised and produced 'It's a Brad World', a surreal comedy theatre performance, both in London and in Reykjavik, Iceland.

She is the co-founder of Tidy Dino, a company that merges theatrical practices with cutting edge technology, with focus on audio and visual experiences.

Additionally, Nanna has acted in a number of short films, such as 'Venus and Mars', 'The Cross' and most recently in 'Company Men' for BFI's sci-fi 48 hour film challenge in 2014.

Owen Hindley

Owen graduated with a 1st class BEng in Audio Media Engineering from The University of Surrey in 2009, and since then has been working in the interactive / installation industry. His first major project after graduation was designing and building a set of 20 network-synchronised 'Interactive Tables' for Hitachi's touring "Inspire Life" exhibition in London & Paris, a unique blend of multi-touch input technology, 3D visualisation and projection, which was featured on the BBC.

Owen has also for many years worked as a sound designer, musician and DJ. He has acted as Sound Supervisor on two independent feature films, the first (psychological horror The Fallow Field) currently enjoying worldwide distribution via Industry Works. He has also composed music/sound design for TV, web and installations.

Ragnar Hrafnkelsson

Ragnar is a software developer and new media technologist with a background in audio. He began his coding career at pioneering mobile app company, RjDj, programming reactive music and sound; later co-founding creative technology company Reactify, and has produced audio/visual work and games across many different media platforms including web-based tools, mobile apps and physical installations.

Brynja Herbertsdottir

Brynja Herbertsdottir is an Icelandic theatre performance artist based in London. She graduated with a BA Hons in European Theatre Arts in 2012 from Rose Bruford College.

Since graduating Brynja has predominantly been painting and sculpting, as well as writing a childrens book.

In 2012 she toured with the award winning company Third Arrangement. The company took part in Istropolitana festival in Bratislava and the Stanislavsky festival in Moscow.